Management Style Changes in Ecommerce

Need to write a research paper on the topic mentioned above.


1. You are required to provide 7 page scholarly written research paper, written in APA format.

2. You will also have to gather 3 practical company examples for your own individual paper.

3. You must include 3 scholarly references. This can not include the text-book (Management 12th edition by Richard L Daft).

4. Paper must be a minimum of 7 pages (typed and double spaced). This does not include the cover page, abstract, or the reference page.

5. Do not forget to provide in-text citations for each of the sources. This gives credit to the author/source for the facts and definitions in your paper.



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Most sectors and disciplines around the world have changed and revolutionised over the years. So much has changed which necessitates change within them and some leading to the closure of some sectors. With technology, things have not only become easier but also more reliable, time-saving and convenient. The business sectoras one of the sectors that everyone depends on none way or another.

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