How should you handle this problem?

How would you handle this petition?

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Betty Smith, a unit clerk, has come to see you, the nurse manager of the medical unit, to complain of flagrant discriminatory practices against female employees of University General Hospital. She alleges that women are denied promotional and training opportunities comparable to those made available to men. She shows you a petition with 35 signatures supporting her allegations. Ms. Smith has threatened to forward this petition to the administrator of the hospital, the press, and the Department of Labor unless corrective action is taken at once. Being a woman yourself, you have some sympathy for Ms. Smith’s complaint. However, you believe overall that employees at University General are treated fairly regardless of their sex.

Ms. Smith, a fairly good employee, has worked on your unit for 4 years. However, she has been creating problems lately. She has been reprimanded for taking too much time for coffee breaks. Personnel evaluations that recommend pay raises and promotions are due next week.


Read the scenario above and answer the following questions:
How should you handle this problem?
Is the personnel evaluation an appropriate time to address the petition?
Outline your plan and explain your rationale
Your paper should be:
Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting, and spacing standards.
Typed into a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file

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How should you handle this problem

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