Please find the attached case study and case analysis guidelines

Please find the attached case study and case analysis guidelines

I have attached case study, case analysis guidelines and template.

Please read the attached case study.

Write the 2 page responses as per the attached case analysis guidelines using the template attached

Every thing must be in APA format.

This paper undergoes safe assign to check plagiarism.

Please make sure there is no plagiarism.

please write the response using the case analysis guidelines. write the responses in the format as mentioned case template. do not write the questions. write in paragraphs.

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Case Study

The Firm

The objectives of the firm include producing, marketing, and selling apple juice to retailers and wholesalers across the Midwestern of the United States. One of the major strengths of the firm is that it has been in existence since 1928. A firm that has been in the industry for a long time possesses a great network of suppliers and customers meaning that it would easily access the market through the already existing foundations from the past.

The company has a strong financial position based on the fact that it can easily access loans from banks and other lending institutions.

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