smart city report

smart city report

please write a 6 or 7 pages about micro grid smart city components and what renewable energy problems and solutions should we use.

attached is the power point feel free to use it in the report.

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The integration of smart grids is critical in the development of smart cities. Primarily, this is enhanced by the fact that the technology will improve energy reliability, establish more flexibility and increase the security of the city’s electric power system. The integration of smart grids is in line with the smart city development initiative of utilizing digital technologies to improve the communications, enhance the performance of its services, reduce operational costs and increase efficiency (Dobriansky, Ghatikar & Ton, 2018). As such, a smart city would integrate multiple microgrids as this is critical in the provision of green and smart energy. Considerably, this highlights the importance of modernizing power distribution in a time when the population size is increasing resulting in additional costs for obtaining reliable power supplies. With this, the development of smart cities entails more than replacing the old components as the investments will need to address the integration of large shares of renewable energy sources (Dobriansky, Ghatikar & Ton, 2018).

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