Transformative Mediation Model

I will be the mediator, one of the participant play a role of the scribe, and two others play role the minimum wage parties, and last one the employer.

I send you a narrative mediation model as an example even this model is different, but you may have better idea how to do it the transformative mediation model based on the transformative guideline attachment.

I you follow all those instructionsTransformative activity description you will do it well.






Solution Preview

1. Beginning the mediation session
a. Introduction of the mediators (establish credibility) and parties.
Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to today’s meeting. My name is Stephen, a trained mediator for over a decade. Sophie is our scribe, Joseph and Anne Kevins are our minimum wage parties and Henry sang the employer. May I know your names please and how I can address you.
b. Commendation of the parties to participate
I commend you for feeling comfortable to begin this mediation, hoping that it will be of value to each one of you.

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