Write a 1-2 paragraph proposal by replying to this discussion forum.

Write a 1-2 paragraph proposal by replying to this discussion forum.


Today’s activity should be an interesting one, and I encourage all of you to be very honest in your replies. Before starting this activity, read Chapters 11-12 (255-317). I am attaching the full slideshow I had prepared for Chapters 11-12


for your review. I am also including a video I made explaining Chapters 11 and 12 in more detail:
Once you have read those sections, reviewed the slideshow and watched my video, write a 1-2 paragraph proposal by replying to this discussion forum. Here is the topic:

Take a moment and think about all the classes you are required to take in GCC as part of your general education requirement. Are they all helpful, useful, or beneficial to student education? Brainstorm a few classes you feel are pointless, irrelevant or detrimental to student success. In a short paragraph to President Viar, propose the removal of this course from GCC’s GE requirements. You must clearly describe the class, explain your reasons for its removal, and propose what kind of course can replace this one. Be persuasive!

To receive full credit for this discussion, you must also reply to the proposals of two other classmates: one of your responses should be for a proposal you find persuasive. Make sure you identify the persuasive features of your classmate’s paragraph(s). The second response should be for a proposal you do not find persuasive just yet. I know none of us want to offend each other but it’s good to also be honest. It’s possible that your classmate’s proposal is on the right track but lacks important persuasive elements. What are they? I am expecting at least 2-3 sentences in your reply to your classmates. By the way, I am enabling the podcast option so that you can reply to your classmates’ proposals through an audio comment.


After reading Chapter 5 (pages 79-96), review the list of fallacies I provided in our study guide


(consult the last page to find the 18 fallacies). Then, do the following:

* Find an example from a public figure that contains a logical fallacy. It’s time to hit YouTube and Twitter! Every single day when I’m scrolling through my social media, I come across fallacies in tweets, statuses, videos, podcasts, and the list goes on. The people making these arguments range from your neighbor who happens to be your friend on Facebook, your colleague who fills your news feed with endless rants, your favorite celebrity who tries to use his/her platform to make statements about how the rest of us should live our lives, your friendly politician who is anxious for your vote, and the list goes on and on. The moment you open your mind to recognizing fallacies in the arguments of others, you are suddenly going to open a whole new world full of weak logic. You’re welcome! 🙂

* Copy/paste the source so we can all watch or read for ourselves.

* Identify the dominant fallacy you think is being used. It’s okay to identify two fallacies but please do not make a list of possible fallacies. Don’t write more than two.

* Explain the fallacy in the example. This is the tough part. Your explanation has to be clear, critical, and believable.

* Provide a suggestion on how this person can turn their fallacy into a more logical argument. This is tough! You have to be the critical thinking teacher.

* Reply to the examples of two classmates: I would like meaningful replies that that are meant to help your classmates. This means I am looking for constructive comments. If you think your classmate did not identify the correct fallacy, then add your feedback. Explain why your suggested fallacy is a stronger answer. If you think your classmate selected an argument that does not have a fallacy in it, then explain why. Make sure to clarify how the argument has strong logic. We are all here to help each other, which is why I want more interaction between the class for this particular discussion. The bare minimum is two replies. I would prefer at least 3-4 replies.


55 unread replies.55 replies.

Hello Class,

Adding flare to your writing can be an important step in getting an audience to pay attention to what you have to say. Sometimes it’s not only about what you say but how you say it. Please read Chapter 13 on Style (321-345). I prepared a slideshow of Chapter 13

Actions with several examples included, so make sure to look through this slideshow, which I’m attaching.

I would also like you to watch the video I prepared for the slideshow:

Afterwards, reply to this forum completing the following:

1. Create unique examples for each type of figurative language: simile, metaphor, analogy, rhetorical question, irony, and parallelism (at least 3 examples of each type; you must come up with your own original example). Your grade for this activity depends on the originality and strength of your examples (if you copy an example that is cliche or one you got online, then you are not going to get credit for this portion).

2. Respond to at least two classmates whose examples you feel are not accurately demonstrating the stylistic element. For instance, maybe your classmate wrote an example for a simile in the category of a metaphor. Be on the lookout for examples that don’t quite fit the stylistic element. Provide a helpful explanation for your classmate. The point is to create an interactive discussion and help each other learn these concepts.


22 unread replies.22 replies.

Hey Everyone,

Today’s task is a workshop I created that I also teach at GCC’s Learning Center. Here are the instructions:

* Start by reading Chapter 14 on Visual Rhetoric (346-362).

* Then review the slideshow I created on Visual Arguments

Actions. I put plenty of time and effort into this slideshow so please look over it carefully.

* Watch the video explaining this slideshow in detail:

* Finally, follow the instructions in the slideshow in response to the five images I posted. If you are having trouble opening the slideshow, please let me know. Provide your response


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Write a 1-2 paragraph proposal by replying to this discussion forum.


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