World Literature Final Project: Getting Critical

World Literature Final Project: Getting Critical

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ou need to choose a reading material we are using because it is required in the project. you could look through my syllabus and find one you are interested in. Take your time
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Critical Reflection


In the literature review, it is important as well as essential to make maximum and clear meaning of an experience or a literature article through a process that involves clear scrutiny as well as the reasoning that is well thought off. For that reason, critical thinking is core as well as an important aspect that each and every person should consider while engaging and indulging in the process of literature review since different literature writers tend to base their writings and stories on hidden ideologies and schools of literary theories (Desai, 16). In a bid to achieve success in your literature review, you have to make sure that your critical reflection process is well described analytical and as its definition, it critically reflects the oral, written or artistic expressions under review.

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