write full two pages

write full two pages

the exxpirence of my presantion was tribble because i was not confortable with topic and the team sand me my part last 24 hours to represent it

and i got a bad grade for the evaluation because the evaluation base on team

and i talked with my instructer to change the grade and she said that you can not because base on team

should be a full two typed pages in length



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Team members are more likely to perform well when they work as a group. Primarily, this is because the group shares mutual goals, foster cooperation and encourages each member to perform a specified responsibility that is of significance to the team. As such, team members should share the same vision and goals. Contrary to this, my group involvement for this assignment differed with my previous experiences. While we supposed to work as a group, I did not see this as a team as there was a lack of cooperation and mutual support from the group members. Notably, this is because I was not comfortable with the responsibility assigned.

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