History Question

Attached is my outline and all the articles you should use for the paper. You can always find more if you need them but at a minimum, you need to use these. (And there is a link on the outline to an article written by the Times Magazine).

  • Your Paper must be 7-8 Pages long, double spaced. (Does not include Cover or Works Cited
  • You HAVE to cite everything. Not just direct quotes but also any idea you got from the articles or any other source. On your outline, I number the articles for you. After you quote or paraphrase just put the number of the article next to it and we can go through later and add your in-text citations.
  • You can quote and get ideas as much as you want but just CITE. You will get a Zero if it is not done correctly.
  • In-between quotes or article paraphrases, explain what it means to you and in your own word

I Have also attached my outline and readings you can use.

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