4 advertisements below

 4 advertisements below

What audiences are the advertisements trying to reach?

  1. Stop Choking Yourselves with Plastics
  2. Share a Coke Campaign
  3. Just Do It
  4. If You Like It, Crown It
  5. Determine how individuals and groups are represented in the advertisements.
    . What audiences are the advertisements trying to reach?
    A. What unspoken or underlying messages do you think the ads might be sending?
  6. Discuss how ethical issues in the social sciences impact advertising. Look beyond the economic effects of advertisements and consider the following questions to help address this prompt:
  7. Propose a finalized social science research question based on your analysis of the advertisements you chose.
    . Think beyond the minor details from your analysis and consider what the ads say about individuals, groups, institutions, or society.
    A. What is the meaning or significance of the ads? For example, you might be interested in ethical issues related to advertising. You might want to explore how current events influence the content of ads. Or maybe you would like to ask how common themes in ads could impact an audience’s self-concept.
  8. Explain one major development in the social sciences that may have influenced your research question.
  9. Describe how your assumptions, beliefs, and/or values influenced the way you analyzed your advertisements.
    . Consider how your perceptions of the social world may have influenced the way you viewed your advertisements. Did it/they cause you to make assumptions about the people in the ads? Did you focus on certain advertisements or parts of advertisements as a result? How might someone with a different set of beliefs view your advertisements?
  10. Discuss how social science perspectives or approaches could be used to process information.
    . targeted at caregivers from a sociological perspective help you understand the meaning of family in various cultures?
  11. Explain how looking at the world from social science perspectives may impact your personal life.
    . How might using social science skills help you process and understand the information you use in your life?
  12. Explain how examining issues from social science perspectives may affect your community relationships.
    . Think about challenges or opportunities in your community. How might applying social science perspectives to those issues benefit your community?
  13. Discuss how being more informed about the social sciences may help you understand global contemporary issues.
    . Consider how understanding the ways social scientists examine human behaviors could influence the way you approach global challenges

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