Case Study

Case Study

Please utilize each chapter (9-12) PowerPoints to write the case study and use some of the terminology in the PowerPoints. Specifically, you will use chapter 11 and 12 to do the case write up. Attached are the instructions for the assignment.

Here is some info below to help you write the case.

The overall goal was to do a studygroup/case study collectively as a group. We were successful and were all able to complete the goal. Everyone showed up and was able to showcase their ideas in the case study that we completed. We all communicated with each other via group text message for updates and to make sure everyone was showing up to do the case study.

Team Member Names- Charles, Darnell, Erika, and Nawel

I will send more powerpoints on other topics thats related to the questions in this case write up.








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The success of an organization’s goals realization much depend on the effectiveness of teams deployed to accomplish the various task. The success of a team in achieving its task goals means the win for the organization towards its goal realization. There are different factors to consider when forming any given team before assigning the task to that team. Here we are focusing on evolution of our team, challenges and the success of our team.

Group formation

The purpose of forming a team was to initiate and develop a project. Our team was composed of four members for the purpose of easy monitoring and coordinating.

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