Did you learn something new?

Did you learn something new?

Subject: Composition II (GT-CO2)


Format: APA

Number of sources: 1

Number of pages: 1

Spacing: double spaced

Topic: Topic should be on what you are working on now Related to the theme Closing the Gap Between College and Career (Workforce)

Details: Introduction

For this discussion, you will interview an expert in the topic you are researching. This is a form of action research that will provide you with qualitative information to help you ground yourself in the research topic. This is a fantastic way for you to ask specific questions you have about your topic, since you can ask targeted questions that you may not readily see answers for in the literature. If you are confused by a premise in the research you have conducted, you are able to ask your expert for clarification and follow-up. Interviews move beyond the text and allow for a form of action in your research.Your expert will typically not be a friend or relative providing anecdotal experiences as tied to your topic. Rather, an expert will be someone who is employed in the field you are researching. Experts include a number of professionals to include instructors, police officers, lawyers, business professionals, published authors, medical professionals, or scholars in the field. As you ask your questions, you will most certainly become more grounded in the topic you are exploring.

Part 1: Initial Post


Conduct a brief interview with an expert on your topic.

Use the following guide to help you prepare and develop interview questions.
How to Conduct an Interview (Template found in the Module folder.)
An in-person interview is the preferred method, but if you are able to use cloud conferencing such as Zoom, or Skype that works well too. You were informed to contact an expert in Mod 3, however, if you have not done so, please set-up your interview early in the week so that you can post your interview results by Thursday. Please contact your instructor should you find complications with scheduling your interview with your expert.
Take careful notes. If you interview via Zoom, or Skype, you might want to record the interview. Be sure to ask permission first.

Consider what you learned from the interview and what perspectives were brought to light as part of your interview.

Did you learn something new?
Do you feel this helps to clarify, or add to your thesis?

This is a small-group discussion forum. Continue working in your assigned group based on the theme you chose.

In your discussion post, order your interview as follow:

Name of expert
Title of expert
Name of organization
Summary of interview



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Did you learn something new


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