Still to be neat Poems by Ben Jonson

Still to be neat Poems by Ben Jonson

following this video

Before making your choice on which poem you want to analyze, make sure you

have watched the YouTube video on how to analyze a poem you have never seen

before (links found both in


and in



Next, decide Ben Jonson poem you want to do for your

analysis (see pp. 1-2). i choose “Still to be neat”

analysis it line by line

20181012171049all_requirements_for_analyzing_poetry (1)

20181012171312all_requirements_for_analyzing_poetry (1)




Solution Preview

Part 1

Fixed to be orderly, fixed to be clothed

As you are to overindulge in (Spin/ Ball)

(She is stylish even when not in festivity)

Calm to be powdered, calm to be sprayed

(She has too much maquillage, and has strong scent)

Woman, it is to be assumed (deduce)

Though artistry concealing causes are not established

(554 words)

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